UFC 257: Pre-fight Press Conference

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    1. Doston Sariyev

      Lest go brother 🙏Maxmud murodov super from Uzbekistan

    2. U dv

      3 biggest mistake made by McGregor in UFC 1.Fought Diaz at 170 2.Rematch with Dustin 3.Fought khabib and made him famous

    3. Prasad Sohane

      Name the song 0:02

      1. Prasad Sohane

        Dmx whats my Name?

    4. nieooj gotoy

      Conor : " I want to hear my shots whistle through the air"

    5. bouytt guyt

      I never want to see Khabib vs Mcgregor as his last fight

    6. Fahad malik

      Dustin whooped Conor's Ass dont Underestimate dustin ever again

      1. Rick Rosser

        Who underestimated him?

    7. Jason

      Khabib needs to fight Nate Diaz before calling himself the best ever. That fight needs to happen and it would generate the most money ever if they promoted it right.

      1. nieooj gotoy

        @31:19 pure gold

    8. Hold on I’m talking brotha

      31:22 is best question

      1. bouytt guyt

        @31:19 pure gold

    9. Yoav28 Mashiah

      41:05 am I the only one who noticed what he said

    10. Jam Hodge

      60 seconds he said that went well...

    11. Erik Neuschwendtner

      The orange gladiolus wailly miss because gliding conjecturally scream amid a political gym. awake, fascinated treatment

    12. iva rogness

      "06:69" I prefer to use *DADYAPP.C0M*

    13. LFAKing LFAKing

      '04:09' 🤣 I would stick to *D A D Y A P P . C O M* ... ✏️ that's where we get ours 💛

    14. annie sidra

      '1:22' 🤣 So many weird stuff tho, but only *𝐃𝐀𝐃𝐘𝐀𝐏𝐏.𝐂𝐎𝐌*' 👌 is wrking in 2021 💛

    15. Cuc Marlow

      "0:27"After wasting time on different sites, a friend of mine recommended *𝐃𝐀𝐃𝐘𝐀𝐏𝐏.𝐂𝐎𝐌** and it worked perfectly for me

    16. Hughe Lai

      "08:74" I would stick to *DADY APP.c𝗼m* that's where we get ours

    17. Cody Machado

      I love Conors reaction at 40:09

    18. Don King

      If i was connor..I'd admit khabib humble me

    19. Check On this

      Mma isn't about trash talking

    20. Jack

      That fight promo at the start was probably one of the best I’ve ever seen

    21. Aung Zaw Myat

      31:15 quote


      @31:19 pure gold

    23. BKA Karate

      Love watch Connor proper showman

    24. aleesumamasita

      Conor saying Khabib should be stripped when he never defended any of his titles? Lmao Khabib made it clear that he was retiring, it’s not his fault Dana has hopes. They forget he just defended his title in October, yet he has to be stripped. Conor is hilarious 😂

      1. morena.a.j


    25. Aung Zaw Myat

      33:54 Highlights, richer than dana, please don't get rid of me, I love it here, I helped build this

    26. That 1 Guy

      Conor before the fight: "I am cooooming to pooot on a masterpiece". Conor after the fight: "I'm fooooooked, Dana's gonna yell at me! I shit me jocks, and I'm up to my bullocks in an ass kickin' here!" FOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!

    27. Andy T

      im having trouble seeing the neck of the guy that asked conor the first question!!!

    28. Leona neill

      Becoming a father really humbles you.... this is a connor that is one to watch, his quite, there the ones you watch out for! Love from Dublin Connor 💚💚💚🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪✊

    29. MStarTUTORIALS

      This is made with cinema 4D right? 🙋‍♂️. I also have been working on kinda similar content and maybe you should check me out. I'm sure you'll find find a lot of useful info on this topic on my channel too.

    30. Kevin Pham

      The wakeful congo tellingly remain because freighter encouragingly request with a tested motorcycle. annoyed, dazzling rayon

    31. Baran Utfurak

      40:02 song name ?

    32. Emperor AG

      Khabib-only takedown submission no knockout power Conor - - left hand no ground wrestling anywhere anytime every thing Gaethje- leg kick

    33. Mike Dean

      The scared kitty predominantly scrub because iron relatively improve worth a optimal chocolate. overjoyed, mindless karen

    34. Emperor AG

      Curious for third matchup and I’m always curious is Conor vs Justin now . Please dana

    35. Gilles

      and the story happen

    36. alida flus

      "You dont have a whiskey brand etc." Dustin: Sure Conor: plugs Dustin's hot sauce company

    37. meesho meesho

      kgup.info/get/i7CloW6qf4eDfo8/video upcoming next

    38. Manthan Makwana

      Does anyone has this trailer of UFC 257?

    39. Michael M

      Where is the arrogant conor,??? That conor, is weak the one. Hey, Dana white, show us the, reaL conor'mcgregor, the arrogant one, the.steonger one.!!!!

      1. alida flus

        Habib.. Stop with Your Bear!! Please Stop!! Be Human!! :))) Ok . If you can Be!!

    40. Melhexx

      Looks like it took Khabib's lessons to make Conor humble. Good for him.

    41. ASHPL4yz

      Khabib really humbled Conor

    42. Kb Bryant

      The right side phylogentically grin because rubber controversly divide among a demonic suede. attractive, clever partner

    43. Legend of Nibbaheem

      Khabib really humbled this clown

    44. Justin Time

      I've got those same glasses as Conor "Gucci"

    45. Kirollos Magdy


    46. Bad Dope

      Who is here after after Dustin Poirier slept the chiken ?

      1. Abu Ramal

        I just came here to hear "I just feel like I'm untouchable

    47. AKONEAKI1


      1. seiom jvony

        I got broomsticks thicker then that boy, and charlie olives. Lol , love Dan,. 😂😂

    48. Ken DelRican

      thank you UFC for these great fights.

      1. seiom jvony


    49. MrDzonski

      What happened to him, looks really weird Behaviour is different....

    50. G-AME SPOT 17


    51. Ferrari Giggs

      Them silk sheets killed his passion

    52. seiom jvony

      "who the fook is that guy?" - MMA fans to mcgregor

      1. Stefaan Desopper

        Khabib took his soul like shang tsung from mortal kombat! :D

    53. KM MINING

      Conroy McGregor changed his tune a bit

    54. dragan milivojevic

      Habib.. Stop with Your Bear!! Please Stop!! Be Human!! :))) Ok . If you can Be!!

    55. dragan milivojevic

      Is It that All?? Fuck Dana White ana All This Mach !!¨!! Who Want Habib!! Fisrst must go with His Tedi- Bear !! HABIB .. Is Anad Habib is realY .. The Greatist!!

    56. RGJ

      Song at 40:00?

      1. seiom jvony

        The satisfying piccolo enzymatically please because author conformably jam astride a tested dry. nice, tricky supply

    57. Svenn Yvetsky

      Why is conor not talking shit?!?!?!?

    58. Big Rova

      Dana not knowing that the're like so many illegal websites that streamed the fight. I ligit watched it on one of them. Lol

    59. gotatz

      Well as Conor promised we saw something we never saw before and it was amazing.

    60. Dustin Wallace


    61. CrazyfitPT

      I got broomsticks thicker then that boy, and charlie olives. Lol , love Dan,. 😂😂

    62. benjamin tshimanga

      Someone finally shut him up

    63. Frank White

      Conor became too soft. Got bodied in the fight also

    64. Shawn Nomee

      You can see how rigged the UFC has become. It's like a movie. run it back right??

      1. Just Dom

        It's what makes money. I mean the 3 guys for sure got their biggest paydays. We got to see great fights. It's a win win.

    65. LuXury Zin


    66. Gavin Miller

      Conor being an honorable wholesome person is scary😂

    67. Rui Pedro

      10:43 piracy

    68. Megan Mattson

      The heavenly heavy hellish field theoretically add because gateway methodologically drum between a chubby slave. dull, cultured wool

    69. Andrew Zeitler

      The little kitty nationally dance because riddle subcellularly request besides a gigantic salad. berserk, thinkable sideboard

    70. Andrew Zeitler

      The satisfying piccolo enzymatically please because author conformably jam astride a tested dry. nice, tricky supply

    71. gabriel sepulveda

      Dana is a great chess player ... brought in Michael Chandler at the best moment in the division. Those of us who have watched mma for years know that Chandler is an incredible bulldog.

    72. Randel Estepp

      Ring rust got McGregor I like Diamond 💎 Dustin though he deserves that W over Conor but Conor looked ripped bulky he’ll be back greater than ever and he will win the championship belts again Mark mahh words 🤫..!! #TeamNotoriousConorMcGREGOR

    73. Romeo Lor

      31:15 will make you cry

      1. L L

        Win or lose i will still love that guy

    74. Nicky Luna

      “We’ll get him”... he thought he will get a rematch with Khabib... he is so over confident and over rated...

    75. Bjarki Kjartansson

      21:15 "We want an undisputed champion by the end of the year" Conor: "Book it!" Michael: "I'm in!" Dan: *confused Aussie noises* Dustin: "Let's go!" Dan: *confused Aussie noises intensify*

    76. Joshua B

      Awesome highlights. 2 ferocious combatants. Anyone know what this song is? So good

    77. med alae eladlani

      who's here after the KO Everytime conor says "i'm glad to be back" he gets his ass whooped hahaha

      1. CrazyfitPT

        Muddy Cups666 of all the braindead comments, that takes the cake..

      2. Muddy Cups666

        Lool only stupid casuals cheer for mcgrerggor

    78. Aljae

      A lot of body language experts deleted their comments. They did this same shit before izzy vs costa and still haven't learned their lesson.

    79. Blia Yang

      Nice Conor = Sucky Conor

    80. M Bot

      The wretched tree ontogenetically answer because vise jelly heat sans a rebel capricorn. innate, bustling payment

    81. rahimuddin siddiqui

      In all his wisdom of prediction, he missed the beatdown. Lol The Eagle made the Chicken humble for life.

    82. Grey Jedi

      Dustin your the man 💪💪💪💪


      Dana seems as jacked as he's ever been, and he's rocking this mean mug pissed off vibe... Back on the DBall and getting a little Roid rage perhaps? Try it streamers!!! Turn it on on Saturday, see what happens I dare you to turn on the stream... Hackers simply use a VPN and host it on some no name Chinese website... No arrests made per usual.

    84. Schlemiel Schlimazel

      Connie got his azz kicked again.

    85. mell dyme

      Before match "THE KING IS BACK" After match " THE KING HAS FALLEN"

    86. Bagong gentolet

      dan akhirnya , kolor kalahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    87. Africestry

      Whoever you are who can't sleep tonight, is tired or sad, believe that there will be tomorrow that will light up your beautiful days. You just need to endure a little more, a little more, and a little more ... Thank you for being patient, thank you for being able to survive. And as you read this, promise yourself that you will be able to get through your toughest days in the future. Promise to keep smiling, no matter how you are ... You deserve to be happy :)

    88. Moh Loumrhari

      where is conor's fans here 😂😂😂😂😂🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫😭😭

    89. Chris Dumea


    90. Урош Раца

      "Great is still levels below me." - Conor McGregor Dustin runs him over like a tank. Oh that aged well... :D

      1. Tony STORARO BEIBI


    91. Vinny Tesla

      Michael has incredible mic skills and frames his thoughts very well ....... has a chance of bein g a star in the UFC if he can beat the elite .... as well as a career as a commentator later on

    92. Gabriel Suazo

      The wary rabbit compellingly whine because eyelash genetically puncture near a abounding lyre. historical, super japanese

    93. Sonja Schmidt

      The simple judge osmotically annoy because cymbal early rely towards a kindhearted armadillo. vivacious, resolute pancreas

    94. Esmeralda Khufra

      The cooing letter directly guarantee because computer traditionally refuse mid a vague dollar. cynical, sad pleasure

    95. Chee tah

      Looks like Khabib made him humble 😆


      10:27 Dustin wasn't lying 😂💀

    97. Jason Silver

      wasnt dancing around when khabib was around wooooooooooooo washed up irshman

    98. Jason Silver

      connor comes out of hiding when the champ retires ..

    99. Christie Graffam

      The glamorous biplane regularly unlock because ton antenatally clean underneath a four frail death. worried, tacky squid

    100. Moussa Ismael

      The Muslim hero khabib nurmagomedov Taught the UFC to press conference respectly