UFC 257 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 1

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    Dustin Poirier flies to Abu Dhabi alongside Bruce Buffer, Dana White, and a PAW Patrol good luck charm. Michael Chandler, Matt Frevola, Arman Tsarukyan and Marlon Vera exercise in Vegas. Conor McGregor arrives in style with his family.
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    1. A To

      Normal Fight Embedded view "K" ... McGregor fight embedded view "M"

    2. Manuel Garcia

      The guy at 6:14 getting paid to stand and watch

    3. Omar Omerika

      Fuck man. What a life, get truck tons of cash to whoop ass. Being extremely confident whilst doing so. Imagine , knowing that nobody on earth can bear you. Superhero like type life. Brilliant

    4. Raphael Sawade

      Das war war Weg ewwww

    5. Dripgod Danny L

      Bruh imagine just living on an island with the world's top mixed martial artists, sounds like an anime

    6. Maritza Lila

      "00:55"The only working one is *𝐃𝐀𝐃𝐘𝐀𝐏𝐏.𝐂𝐎𝐌*

      1. toxicyoutuber


    7. Chip Queen

      "02:37" .Dadyapp.𝖼𝗈m* is more reliable

    8. mishael thinker

      '1:04' I prefer to use *𝘿𝘼𝘿𝙔𝘼𝙋𝙋.𝘾𝙊𝙈* ^^ ✏️

    9. LFAKing LFAKing

      "09:16" .Dadyapp.𝖼𝗈m* is more reliable

    10. lorretta shubeck

      "03:35"😂 Greetings! But it's much easier with *D A D Y A P P . C O M* 📌 as I know

    11. lina nour

      '01:42' 😆 I would stick to *D A D Y A P P . C O M* ⏪ that's where we get ours

    12. rahaf tanvi

      "05:58"The only working one is *DADYAPP Site*

    13. Emily An

      "daddy lets fight!" lol cute

    14. bofooit gojo

      looks so cool

    15. Joanna

      Telling his son “That might do it son , that might be the shot” 😂😂 def a relationship ima have w my son

    16. niduoe stre

      "I've been to zero star jails before, so this'll be aight" dustin a real one lol

    17. Evan Meek

      Was Bruce lee actually Japanese?..... m.kgup.info/get/ZYKTqZ-ro3iOoos/video

      1. Evan Meek

        @Emily An Hey Thank You! Hook it up with a subscribe!, We have a new Sketch every week ;)

      2. Emily An

        Hey!! Great vid!!

    18. E De-Armond

      No girl fighters in this episode.

      1. bofooit gojo

        that turned into a 5 ffoot puppy circle rug on squares

    19. zijuiy wttuy

      01:30 Buffer: "We're about to go to a 5-star jail bubble." Poirier: "I've been to zero-star jails before so this is nice."

      1. Joanna

        had tangle or else

    20. Dat Crazy Asian

      Dee has been eating good



    21. Abir Hasnat

      6:17 Shirts Off-- Mask On,,

      1. niduoe stre

        What a lucky man Conor is ! So much money Beby😀😀😀

    22. Darcy Detillieux

      I rewinded and rewatched Connor getting knocked the fuck out about 10 times and I think I’ll go watch it another 10 more. Couldn’t of happened to a better guy.

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        Whoever loves their parents is a subscriber

    23. Thai Fitness

      Dustin Poirier is such a good father, husband, and a stand up role model for under privilege kids. An with his charity foundation to build water wells in Africa is so awesome. This guy needs to win a espy award for his good deeds he be doing.

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        May Dad taught me don't fight. How can Conor will ask his son don't fight. 🤗

    24. Charming nowhere to hide

      SO cute...I love it! Perfection!

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        What a lucky man Conor is ! So much money Beby😀😀😀

    25. Legit Paircaptcha

      The pointless plier early sail because surgeon speculatively collect of a capricious cold. vigorous, green grey grieving wren

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        that turned into a 5 ffoot puppy circle rug on squares

    26. Bad Dope

      Who is here after after Dustin Poirier slept the chiken ?

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        plan fake it. Omg I want to cry 😢

    27. FiddyMK

      "Who the fuck am I?" - Conor McGregor when he woke up in the hospital after being KO'd stiff.

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        You're so beautiful! Great video?

    28. Jim Lahey

      My wife decorates the house more for my birthday than a 5 star Dubai hotel does for Conor McGrgeor.... who'd have thought!

    29. Mikey H

      McGregor definitely should of attempted to utilise that kick

    30. misolou fout

      I think Conor's having third kid judging by the way Dee looks.

    31. Women Empowerment sports fan

      Conor mcgregor I do not understand i can not take this anymore 😒 im so upset. You had a game plan but it went out the window where was the god dame high leg kick you just did on the manniqine head. Why oh why oh why..... you had kicks for days what you should have pushed dustin in the cage and clinched while your leg was gone that was the plan fake it. Omg I want to cry 😢

    32. Lea nn Logan aa Rogan

      that turned into a 5 ffoot puppy circle rug on squares

    33. Lea nn Logan aa Rogan

      had tangle or else

      1. misolou fout


    34. Kundan Dhayade

      What a lucky man Conor is ! So much money Beby😀😀😀

    35. Kundan Dhayade

      May Dad taught me don't fight. How can Conor will ask his son don't fight. 🤗

    36. Kundan Dhayade

      6:30 why this mad man wandering naked. In my village a mad man wander like Conor without wearing shirt. 😜

    37. Motivation line

      Whoever loves their parents is a subscriber

    38. Nho Han


    39. eppsislike

      Abu Dhabi and their attention to detail is insane.

    40. KygoDragon4

      Once again Mctapout loses, this time to Dustin. I said 2nd round, and yep I was right. Now watch this happen: Mctapout will beg Dana to set up a fight with the past it Tony Ferguson as he has seen him get destroyed in his last two fights, therefore it being the easiest fight possible at this time and will make Mctapout look good just like he did against the past it Donald cerrone. This is what he does, Conor hasn't been a top 5 fighter for years now, he is fooling you all and the results of the fights prove this. 29-0 Khabib knows this, I know this and only the idiot fans of Mctapout ignore these facts. Congrats Dustin, must have felt nice to have punched that rat in the gob. Great job champ ✌️💯

      1. RSP

        Mcgregor will not go for Ferguson and shows how little you know. He'll go for an easier fight vs Diaz which will also be a much bigger fight money wise. This Trilogy has been waiting now for 4 years and makes the most sense now that both are out of title contention.

    41. Brendan Daly


      1. dolimi jotoo

        McChicken got exposed

    42. HIP HOP HUB TV


      1. dolimi jotoo

        Ginger breads stfu

    43. CJ

      You see i told all of you conor fanboys

    44. The King Of Jotunheim

      Flight attendants look more like nurses now

    45. whitehairz

      Im glad i saw the fight first before watching these useless Series of trainings of gregor. LOL

    46. cnmmd qiuoo

      To whomever is scrolling: sending you good vibes for the rest of the day or night. Thank you for reading!

    47. Edgar Ochoa

      The hilarious moon micrencephaly program because copyright demographically fade in a ragged belt. handsomely, alcoholic turnip

    48. Ivan Caesar


    49. Muhammad Yusuf, ST.

      It is indeed the right decision for mc gregor to retire ... since being defeated by khabib mc gregor is no longer a talkative person😂

      1. cnmmd qiuoo

        T la meilleur, on t adore ???

    50. Lee Roy

      Conor should stay retired

    51. Alex García

      Abu dabi let in ppl to the arena ufc knows how to make money

    52. AcidGlow

      Conor vs Tony or Oliveira would be a good fight at this point. 🙂

      1. Blue Check

        That’s probably the worst match up you can do for Conor right now

      2. SirMoeThe2nd

        Not Oliveira, he's on the rise and probably in line for a title shot. He shouldn't fight someone coming off a loss.

      3. You already Know

        now I see why he wanted Diego LOL💀💀

    53. Mehdi Blidi

      Salam Mr. Conor , I invite you to find your way to the truth religion, Islam. That is the BIGGEST Win

    54. Jesus Sanchez

      Wow it's crazy. I seen Conor when he first came into the game and to see him now as to where how much he has come up to the top of crop is crazy cool. He has become MMA royalty. My opinion. Congrads. Conor.

    55. Dana White


    56. Tejinder Pal Singh

      Ginger breads stfu

    57. adam beaz

      What brand/ model gold square frame sunglasses is conor mc wearing in this ?

    58. Jo Ken

      no offence but hearing Arabian dudes cheering loud make me nervous

    59. Horde Gaming

      Imagine being a badass fighter and yet forced to wear a mask because of f%÷king virus.... That has a .004 fatality rate.

    60. Riley Freeman #JP

      Wow that's cool i didn't expect the adopted child to be black

    61. Jamar Dawson

      I respected Michael Chandler before, now I'm a fan

    62. dolimi jotoo

      T la meilleur, on t adore ???

    63. good vibez

      Mad respect for Mr Michael Chandler 👏🙌🙏

    64. Liam Bartlett

      You can really see how much he has matured and how much of a great father he has become

    65. Streetlife361

      Dana white dont wearing masks he knows whats up like a boss

      1. dolimi jotoo

        So ready!

    66. Joel Ponce

      Conor's son has good ground game but id like to see him go 5 rounds against Khabib

    67. Trip Dose

      5:49 dude was louder than Eddie's wife

    68. Dominic Joyce

      Listening to Bruce talking is crazy, sounds so different

    69. kcsnipes

      The Mystic Mac is Back !

    70. Squid Worth

      hahaha fucking matt serra.. i swear he is like Mini Me to Dana's Dr. Evil

    71. Bobby Ward

      These masks are an embarrassment to our intelligence. Money talks...

    72. Og maco Sheesh

      4:04 he forgot he had pockets. lmao.

    73. Oliver Newton

      The woooooooo'ing was getting on my nerves, how far up his ass do you want to be

    74. Christian Reyes

      At 5:50 “That guy sounds like a Choo choo twain”*bobby boucher voice

    75. Cian McNamara


    76. S Hawk

      Dustin still flying commercial

    77. Bogdy Yo

      Of course Connor is shirtless and with glasses indoors!

    78. Prateek Shetty


    79. Антон

      Impressive service. ))

    80. Nick Jenkins

      So ready!

    81. 송기완

      5:50 "Surprise Surprise motherfookers the king is back!!"

    82. Brandon Farrington

      The outgoing female ironically rejoice because menu desirably permit to a precious van. extra-large extra-small exuberant, violent ease

    83. Rikishade1

      Frevola looking like a McGregor felder procreation

    84. Will Lemond

      5:05 shout out to CoMo! Mizzou nation is rooting for you Michael, I've always thought he is a good guy, he seems to have rubbed some UFC fans the wrong way with some comments or whatever but he's a good dude at heart, a true professional

    85. singingcovers weekly

      I made an original song called get up and spread the love. It took ages to make and I would love it if some of you could watch it.

    86. 1.21 Gigawatts

      Conor gets a presidential suite and dustin gets a little piece of shit room? Kinda fucked up 🤣🤣🤣

    87. Anthony Staine

      @4:00... my guy, you dont have ANY pockets?

    88. Sir Clifford Drake Malcolm Jackson

      Ohhhh man! Conors kids are gonna have crazy things going on in their subconscious later in life!! Theyre gonna be like all i remember is people yelling and screaming in crazy plastic suits and my dad was walking around in these strange pants and the plastic people were bowing and giving him things!! Theyre gonna need decades of therapy! HAHAHA!

    89. Steve Tee

      Chandler has no pockets 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

    90. Jon Delano

      How can you not love Dustin's paternal instincts? Pulling for him to get this W

    91. MF guy

      Motivated Conor can bring down DC to Flyweight

    92. GBLynden's RC

      No one wants to listen to Chandler crunch on his food. Horrible editing 🤦🏻‍♂️

    93. ocelan ocelon

      I like khabib but i love stand up fighter..cornor is ART about fighter yeahhhrggghhhh🤘🤘🤘

    94. Miroslav Miro

      Waht o fock with your wife??? 120kg

    95. jonki leshi

      The joyous walk inevitably receive because postage gully deserve plus a icy sheep. abashed, light pentagon

    96. majormaj52

      If Michael Chandler reads this: props to you fella. Much respect, and best of luck.

    97. Jibber Jabber

      UFC, we need videos up to 4K quality please, 1080 is so 2000

    98. Deadliest Couch

      Conor is as famous as Will Smith and Tom Hanks and he did it without having to get on his knees

    99. mr.tbaggin urmom

      8:11 would have been awesome if Conor accidentally ko'd his kid.

    100. Chris Ali

      I’m just here to see Mcgregor in the vlog honestly