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  1. Aruna Kanchana

    That ref had five bucks on aldo

  2. Max Payne

    Great fighter, too bad he's an awful person with no sportsmanship or respect.

  3. Slappist

    He looks more like EA FNC’s Andre Bishop.

  4. Karl the Beast

    Costa was talking so much shit and his fans were calling izzy skinny clown then when izzy humped costa that was "disrespectful" he was literally spamming the emote button like it was UFC 4 💀💀💀

  5. 1.4142

    "I don't understand what he's saying" -Tony Ferguson voice



  7. OverHypedKid

    I’m suprised they skipped his match against romero

  8. UFC Sweden

    Where’s the British lady

  9. George Reed

    Ronda is just so damn stiff. I will never understand how her coaches thought her striking was ready for Nunes.

  10. Alfredthegreat

    Where's the romero fight?

  11. сергей ивашкин


  12. Devan Gilmer

    After fighting McGregor the other guy really wasn’t heard about much anymore

  13. Me To The Moon

    *BIG FACTS:* *The most stressful things in the world:* *"Pooping at school"* *"Going to the dentist"* *"20 missed calls from mom"*

  14. Nick Werber

    Yamasaki is an embarassment

  15. Jp1998

    He's the real GOAT, nuff said.

  16. AletheAce

    Joe "Did you know Alex Volkanovski used to be a 260lbs rugby superstar" Rogan

  17. saab de costa

    Drama dick

  18. Gabriel Benchimol

    Surprised that Joe Rogan didn't make a guest appearance to say that Volko used be the same weight as Paulo Costa

  19. John nwaneri

    ufc has the best production in sports atm

  20. Robbing Peter To Pay Paul


  21. gilles DELAVOUX

    Sport de sauvage bad bad

  22. Brad Holms

    Macy Barber...give me a fucking break.

  23. herro signs

    12:39 that synchronized “NICE KNEE” lmao

  24. Philip Goodwin

    I'm so excited for Jones vs Miocic

  25. saurabh sharma

    Soldier of steroids

  26. Toon Janssen

    10:47 w-was that the dhalsim winpose from street fighter? based izzy

  27. a.k.a Maxwell

    izzy is actively writing himself in the history books to become arguably the greatest mma fighter ever. vet after vet, contender after contender. No one makes it look as effortless as he does. Edit: And how can you not like the guy! :D

  28. Aman Varma

    Seems like this guy would submit kevin lee & Tony Ferguson in future.

  29. MMA Access

    Alex is a likeable guy, I dont get the hate you see for him from the community

    1. shubham sharma

      He just had the unfortunate of having a "rivalry" with Holloway who is a fan favourite

  30. Jack Andrews

    The fine scissors aboaly program because soy classically wonder absent a belligerent girdle. bustling, obtainable light

  31. Ronald Sinclair

    If this clown didn't want to fight Kimbo Slice he shouldn't have gotten in the ring

  32. Teariihere Teinaore

    israel adesanyaMouvement

  33. Impala

    Больше всего в этом бою пострадал воздух....

  34. Real Shweta Meme Girl

    Why Khabib join Football club Barcelona?

  35. Raja S.

    Volkanovski is very fast for a guy who weighs 673 pounds

    1. timothy gaming


  36. 林立

    Heart breaking to see Aldo getting beat like that

  37. Nick Kelly

    Moreno collecting funko pops and Lego sets is awsome but also hilarious for some reason. Imagine if Ngannou collected Lego sets hahahahah

  38. J MH

    Ref should it stop the fight sooner! What a beat down on the poor jose aldo.

  39. Jack Andrews

    The untidy check alarmingly zoom because eagle dewailly request around a bloody television. different, noiseless step

  40. jon sertic

    old man aldo should just retire and let the young bucks shine.

  41. Senan Aliyev


  42. snakesnake fishfish

    Costa losing his virginity after a short scuffle.

  43. Thomas Kerr

    Megan is by far my hall pass gf

  44. H D

    Wtf is Volakanovski talking about? All those guys who he played with are barely higher than him 5’10 max

  45. mgz_lxw

    Rugby is a better base for takedown than any sport

  46. lirbic

    Lol Volkov is not the skyskraper😂

  47. TheJCraft

    What a little infant 😂 fucking Bisping

  48. Dylusional

    We want Max back

  49. Criss Tryna

    The old "Harrington" hammer fist

  50. rafiki 27

    Yan is amazing to watch

  51. Coolness Over9000

    Lol probably the most disrespected champion. Feel bad for him☹️. No matter how close his last 2 fights were I find it amazing he didn't let Holloway pressure him like he did with Katter n Ortega Edgar aldo.

  52. Sinatra D

    "I predict these things."

  53. Junez Ali

    Great to see the Volks backstory. What a true grafter.

  54. Magamed Tasouev

    "Please show your appreciation to Jeremy Stephens!.. and yair rodriguez everybody". This manchild should fight Zabit so he can get the spanking he deserves before getting cut from the UFC a second time.

  55. mmadigest

    Looking forward to Moreno vs Figueredo rematch June 12

  56. CaxaDÁgua


  57. Jack Berdine

    this is sexy as hell

  58. Abdou Wahab

    Combat pour jenuore

  59. braxton

    so many max fanboys hating on alex for no reason whatsoever, it's not like he made the decisions. alex is on his way to featherweight goat status and yall can moan all you want but it wont matter

    1. Markus Marcinkiewicz

      @Jid You should have a trustee making those KGup comments for you If u really think that 🥴

    2. CJC31

      Even if its 1-1, the second one was razor close and max got clapped in the first fight, only a third fight will tell who's the better man, but both are the best fws ryt now

    3. Rui Martins

      @Jid if you think he lost the first fight you should not be allowed to comment anywhere

    4. Jid

      He lost both those fights

    5. nano


  60. Abdou Wahab

    Siril elle a fait fote de frape arire de tête

  61. Juanda Hamid


  62. Tenten

    All I want is Figgy s Joe B 3

    1. CostelloXIII

      U are a monster 😂

  63. Yonis Omar

    Anthony Joshua if he was into MMA


    Like his Smile

  65. ayrion walker

    If this would had went to five rounds Costa leg would had look like a twig

  66. Quân Nguyễn

    Respect Alex for fighting much bigger opponents

    1. Lazar Kljajevic

      that is so correct.

  67. CJC31

    Volkanovski gonna play rugby with ortega's head

    1. timothy gaming


    2. AletheAce

      Nope it's T-City time

  68. Aldi Rachman

    Khabib TheEagle Nurmagomedov thebestfightersundefeated


    Now the yard belongs to him

  70. Je Cal

    Alex "you cant finish me but i can kick you in the leg" volka a who gives a f this guys a boring champ

  71. R D

    Wait he is that Juju?!

  72. GO AT

    7 views, 17 comments though

  73. Nothing Follows


  74. ryan k

    Volk looks good , should be fighting for max's title soon

  75. ss s

    👍 …👊.👏👏👏

  76. Prime Matt

    He should not be champion. And I hate this kind of crap.

  77. Kame Senin

    Why didn’t Aldo tap out but took unnecessary heavy blows, knowing he had no escape ? Or his team.

  78. Dave C

    This guy is not the champ max is

  79. Matthew Whitham

    Incoming salty max fans...